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Why Wiink Cosmetics? (apart from the fact it’s a cool name!)

I have been involved with the world of cosmetics for most of my working career – I understand the value of a fabulous lipstick and a great mosturiser!  But, really, my passion for all things beauty started many years before that – watching my mum get dressed for work and sneaking into her bedroom to open pots of cream and smell their deliciousness.  I remember opening her dressing table drawers and being amazed at the array of colours, running my fingers over the eyeshadow palettes with reverence and counting the days until I could have my own.  “When I was grown-up” I would tell myself…

Who can forget the very first time we applied make-up – nervous fingers and clumsy application!  But…. WOW, did we look amazing and seriously pleased with our efforts!  Looking back now and seeing some of the photos, I can only giggle – misguided as I was (I still have flashbacks), it was the learning that was the fun part!

I now have a teenage daughter and with social media today, she’s way more savvy than I ever was at her age and I’ve noticed that she wants to know more, look after her skin and be the best version of herself.  She wants to define her own style of beauty and wants to present herself to the world in her own unique way….  that’s how the idea of Wiink Cosmetics started.  I wanted to create a place for her to “play” and to express herself, get advice and guidance on all things beauty and self-care.

Beauty magazines, blogs, social media all present a view of beauty that sometimes borders on perfection – whatever that means – and for many of us, a goal that is unattainable.  I want her to know – that beauty is who she is already – no filters needed! Whoever you are, whoever you want to be – Wiink has a space for you – you’ll find a home here.

So browse our online store, and if you are unsure, we are always happy to give you some advice – and we will gratefully accept any advice you have to give!

Our belief at Wiink is that perfection is over rated, you are beautiful just the way you are!

Much love


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