SKOON SQUALANE Therapy concentrate


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Pure, skin mimic botanical emollient to soothe distressed skin.

Skin types

Usage & Tips

AM/PM: Add 1-2 drops to enrich your moisturiser. Massage twice daily
into newly healed tissue for aesthetic scar maintenance.
Alternatively, smooth directly onto clean skin

Hero Ingredients

Olive squalane
Olive based Squalane is unsurpassed in its ability to help restore smoothness and suppleness to compromised skin.
Its chemistry is very straightforward. Squalene is a component of your own sebum – think of it as your skin’s own
natural moisturiser. Extracted from olives SKOON’s Phytosqualane is the hydrogenated (more stable) form of Squalene.
Lightweight and fragrance-free, this natural emollient is highly compatible with skin lipids. Squalane has been clinically
tested on compromised skin (including eczema, allergy prone and sensitive) by a reputable international research
institute and classified as completely non-sensitising.

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Fragrance free


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